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NEW SERIES: Disney Devotions – Connecting with God in Disney Theme Parks & Films

When my family visited Walt Disney World for the first time, I wanted to make the most of our dream vacation. But as a Christian father, I didn’t want to put our faith on hold while enjoying all the fun and fantasy. Instead, I hoped my wife and kids could draw closer to God through the experience, much as they would with a retreat to the mountains. So I wrote several “Disney devotions” to read and discuss before heading into the parks each day.

Once we got home, I was surprised by how many people wanted to use the devotions for their own upcoming Disney vacations as well.

In this series, I’ll post my first Christian devotions created for families vacationing at Walt Disney World, including readings for Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios. Then, I’ll share fresh devotions that explore themes presented in Disney films and in the various lands and attractions in Disney theme parks around the world.

Each Disney Devotion will be presented with Bible verses, discussion questions, and prayers that encourage family connection over Disney fun through the light of God’s Word.

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Walt Disney World Devotions

Disney Devotions 001: Walt Disney World, Here We Come! A Family Devotion for the First Day of Vacation

Disney Devotions 002: To All Who Come to This Happy Place… A Family Devotion for Disney’s Magic Kingdom

Disney Devotions 003: Tomorrow’s Incredible Plans! A Family Devotion for Epcot Park

Disney Devotions 004: A Family Devotion for Disney Hollywood Studios

Disney Devotions 005: A Family Devotion for Disney Animal Kingdom

Disney Devotions 006 (Coming Soon): A Family Devotion for the Last Day of Vacation at Walt Disney World

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