Announcement: I’m a Spatial Storyteller!

Storyland Studios is a themed-entertainment powerhouse made up of artists, architects, artisans and Disney alumni. It’s believed to be the first all-in-one theme park design firm since Walt Disney first assembled his team to build Disneyland.

Can you keep secret? I can’t. I’ve been keeping this on the down-low for a quite some time and I’m finally able to tell.

Most of you know I’m a theme park weirdo. I love to explore the stories, details, and dreams that make up these architectural marvels. It’s an art form unique to our modern world, but anchored in centuries of creative space-making from city squares & parks to coliseums & cathedrals.

Beginning in October, I began work as a Spatial Storyteller℠ for Storyland Studios, a themed entertainment design and fabrication firm. What’s Spatial Storytelling? Think of it as the non-Disney equivalent of Imagineering. We create immersive environments that bring stories to life in theme parks, museums, sacred spaces and other realms where people gather for enrichment.

What’s super cool is that the business structure is modeled directly after Walt Disney’s original Imagineering team (originally WED, then MAPO, and finally WDI) which means the entire creative team is under one roof. Everything from concept designers, artists, story writers, special effects artists, architects and fabricators all work together to create unbelievable spaces for you to enjoy!

The team has been really welcoming so far, although there’s one particular co-worker with something of a temper problem. No worries. I’m sure we’ll be buds once he gets to know me.

My role is to create content and consult on marketing and community-building for the brand and the projects we undertake. Go to right now to see some of the insane projects we’ve done (Hogwarts Express at Universal, are you kidding me?!?!?!).

Welcome to work. This huge (we’re talking massive) statue of Alduin, The World-Eater from Skyrim rests atop Storyland Studios’ headquarters. You should see it from Google Earth. I’m not exactly sure who the kilted angel dude is, but I’m sure he’s got a great story.

This week, our team is heading to the IAAPA Attractions Expo, the themed-entertainment industry’s Comic-Con. If you know anybody in the industry, please connect me.

What does this mean to you, dear reader? Well, much of this is thanks to you. Your reading and sharing of my stories partially helped me land this gig (thank you very much!), and now I’ve got a lot more stories to tell.

So keep an eye here for some incredible announcements, stories, and secrets from inside the theme park and spatial storytelling industry.

Now then, hang onto your hats and glasses, ’cause this here is gonna be one wild ride!

PS – For those of you keeping score at home, Storyland is not my full-time gig. I’m super excited that I get to continue serving the amazing folks at Ministry Gear, Triumph Foundation, and California Dance Academy with my fundraising and marketing skills. 

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  1. Local boy does good, or as
    Grandpa once to say “here, here”. Proud of you. Not sure exactly what any of this means but I’m proud of you. I know one thing it means you’re not going to Idaho any time soon. Hurray.

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